General format

  • Title Page: name of author/s; designation; affiliation of authors, email; phone number
  • Font and size: Times New Roman, size 12
  • Abstract: Not more than 250 words
  • Keywords: Not more than five
  • Body of text: Introduction, Literature review/theoretical framework, Methodology, Result (including tables and figures, etc. which should be embedded in the text and discussed immediately after the table/figure); Discussion; Conclusion and Recommendation.

Referencing style: American Psychology Association (APA) 7th edition (

Plagiarism Policy
The journal shall subject every manuscript to originality check and gives a desk rejection of any manuscript that scores higher than the 20% threshold.
Where possible, authors are therefore encouraged to submit the evidence of originality check, which should not be more than 20%, along with the final draft of manuscript. Where this is necessary, it is not a compulsory requirement for submission.